First, supplying and specialization at health and safety and the environment HSE.
. A-Supplying equipment, boats specialized for anti- hydrocarbon pollution at Ground, river and sea, with the ability to remediate the hydrocarbon contaminated areas
. B-Design and construction of warehouses for radioactive sources within the latest international standards and in accordance with local Iraqi legal requirements of the Iraqi Authority to take control of radioactive sources
. C-Radiation survey and management of natural occurring radioactive materials NORM.
. G-Removing of hydrocarbon waste like oil or sludge which contains natural occurring radioactive materials NORM from tanks ,vessels, oil equipment and  NORM contaminated areas at degassing stations.
H- Safe and professional methods for NORM waste transportation consider the AIEA code and iraqi local regulations.
K- Supplying fire-fighting systems and equipment.
L- Supplying of personal protective equipment PPE.
P- Supplying of medical and laboratory equipment.
F- professional industrial hygiene measuring and check, audit  includes all of the (tests gases CO2, H2S, VOC, LEL) and water tests..
Waste management for: M-
1- Hydrocarbons
2- Radioactive
3- Domestic
Second: – supplying the degassing station with specialized equipment’s like pipes ,valves ,gauges, lubricants ,welding stuff, chemical material and others..