Oil Spill Response Equipment

1- Oil Spill Response Boat :

Anti Pollution workboats, through a list of equipment to control and recycle oil spill materials, for oil skimming and other cleanup duties: Boom deployment,Skimmer deployment,Dispersant application,Fire fighting,Oily water reception,Command center duties,Debris recovery,Towing duties,General workboat duties.

2- ADR/ATEX Vacuum Truck :

ADR/ATEX Vacuum Truck It is used for several activities, suction, discharge and transportation and general industrial cleaning for use in the (petro) chemical industry and in refineries.

This equipment can be customized with a list of equipment that can be customized according to the buyer’s requirements, and it also comes with Certification for the transport of ADR hazardous materials or vacuum loading of ATEX explosive materials.

“All of the above-mentioned equipment is customized according to the clients requirements and is manufactured according to the best international standards by the best manufacturers. The required tests are conducted at any stage of manufacturing, with the provision of all test and inspection documents, etc.”